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The nation's largest corporations wouldn't think of doing business without a team of in-house corporate attorneys in their legal department. Small and midsized business owners need and deserve the same kind of legal guidance before completing a transaction or signing on to a contractual obligation. The problem has always been the cost of having a lawyer on staff.

If you own or operate a business in the Albany, New York, area, you can turn to attorneys Alexander Powhida and Amanda Stern for your legal advice and risk management needs. They have been working with business owners and operators in the Capital Region for more than 30 years combined. He offers a range of transactional or dispute resolution services or works with clients as part of an affordable comprehensive business consulting package to assist with issues involving:

From offices in Albany, Powhida Stern PLLC provides legal counsel for business owners and individuals with contract, real estate and business interests in communities throughout the Capital Region in upstate New York. Arrange an initial consultation with Albany business counselor attorneys Alexander Powhida and Amanda Stern today.

Litigation Risk Management

There is nothing that can be more financially devastating to a successful business than finding yourself involved in a contract dispute or employment litigation. It makes sense to make sure you have taken all possible legal precautions to avoid a potential lawsuit. Mr. Powhida and Ms. Stern will review your current contracts and documents you use on a day-to-day basis, draft specific contracts and agreements to meet your special needs, and review your operating procedures, shareholder agreement and employment policies to help you reduce the possibility of litigation arising in the future.

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Call 518-417-2995 or toll free 800-638-8596 to discuss your legal needs. A convenient email contact form is also available to arrange an initial consultation. The firm offers reasonable fees based on fair and clear billing policies. For your convenience, you may pay by credit card or arrange a payment plan that meets the needs of your business and the law firm.

The firm believes that integrity is critical to developing a successful attorney-client relationship. You will work directly with your attorney and receive exceptional client service and responsive communication throughout your legal matter.

The firm is also capable of handling the needs of clients whose primary language is Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.