Powhida Stern PC

A Letter To Business Owners Throughout The Capital Region

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Powhida Stern PLLC.

Serving the business and real estate communities at various well-known firms in Albany in my career, I have had the privilege of working directly with entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and investors who understood that a successful business operation often has as much to do with legal matters as it does with keeping the customer satisfied.

I strive to develop a close professional relationship with my clients. I am proud of the experience and knowledge I have obtained over the course of my career. But like many of the people I advised and represented, I also felt the drive to be in business for myself. Today, I am proud to say that I continue to work with many of the same business owners, managers and investors I have worked with for years. I think that says a lot about my integrity and the trust that I am able to build into the personal and professional relationships I develop with my clients.

At my firm, you will never be passed down to a paralegal or have your case referred out to another law firm without your full knowledge and approval. With my practice, you will work directly with an attorney who sincerely cares about your success. Whenever possible, we will work together to find a commonsense solution that will allow you to keep your mind on running a successful business. And, if you ever find yourself at a point where a trial becomes necessary to protect your rights and financial interests, I assure you that I am proud to be an aggressive, effective and successful trial attorney.

My law firm can't be successful unless your legal needs are met and you are successful. That means becoming an integral part of your management team, without the high cost of adding a corporate attorney to your management staff. I will work hard to get to know you and to understand your entire business so I can properly advise you on matters regarding your current and future needs. My firm is ready to help you develop a legal strategy to meet your business goals and objectives, complete a transaction, work through a complex commercial real estate matter, and provide guidance on contracts needed for your organization — always with a focus on helping you reduce the risk of litigation. As my motto goes, "My business is protecting your business."

From offices on State Street in downtown Albany, my firm advises and represents business owners in communities throughout the Capital Region in upstate New York. Call to arrange a free initial consultation about your transaction or litigation matter today.

I invite you to call 518-417-2995 or toll free 800-638-8596. You may also send an email to arrange a no-cost consultation to discuss your legal needs.

Best regards and wishes for your success,

Attorney Alex Powhida