Insurance Coverage

At Powhida Stern PLLC we are well versed in all areas of insurance coverage and use that knowledge to assist companies in managing risk. Our experienced attorneys provide the highest quality legal services to a variety of clients, including insurers and reinsurers, as well as businesses.

Our attorneys supply our clients with representation and assistance in a full range of insurance matters, from the routine to the most complex. Our sound claim counseling services and aggressive dispute resolution assistance serves to support insurance carriers and third-party administrators as well as businesses, equipping them with the best practices for handling their own self-insured retentions. The skilled attorneys at Powhida Stern, PLLC advise and assist insurers on first as well as third-party coverage issues, legal issues which are not in litigation and we also specialize in litigation, providing representation in any forum, including declaratory judgment actions, hearings and appeals as well as arbitration and mediation.

At Powhida Stern PLLC we understand the business of insurance coverage as well as the legal issues that underpin the industry. While our experience allows us to offer reliable representation in any insurance coverage matter, our understanding of each client's concerns and business enables us to effectively deliver the appropriate outcome. Whether the matter relates to providing essential policy analysis and interpretation, resolving coverage and policy disputes, subrogation, damage quantification or a reinsurance matter, our attorneys have the skill and experience to handle it.